FMW-Nietcontrol 3

The 3rd generation of the FMW Nietcontrol controller software developed by our specialists meets all the requirements for parameterizability and modern operating concepts. The traditional functionality, featuring an informative and clearly arranged user interface, perfectly rounds off our riveting technology product line.


  • High-resolution, robust multi-touch display for industrial applications
  • Intuitive menu guidance and program functions
  • Help function directly in the user menu
  • USB interface to load the riveting program as well as controller upgrades and updates
  • TCP socket connection for QS data transfer
  • German/English language options.
  • More languages available on request
  • Retrofit: Backward compatibility for older Nietcontrol machines


  • Riveting process switch-off with 7 different parameters
  • Visual identification of process errors in the riveting program
  • At least 63 different riveting points can be parameterized, optionally expandable to 255
  • Simultaneous display of target and actual process values
  • All the parameters of the riveted joint can be adjusted in a window
  • Categorization for complex tolerance combinations (10 categories with 30 riveting points each)
  • Riveting tool positioning
  • Control of manual or automatic slider mechanisms,index cylinders and lifting stations

Process monitoring

Measurement of Z-axis:

Length measurement of the overall dimensions (length) of the rivet bolt. Initial length Z1 and finished length Z2, their tolerances and riveting pressure are decisive parameters for exactly reproducible and economical rivets.

Measurement of H-axis:

Projection measurement of riveting bolt to the component: Starting with value H1, the riveting process is completed when end value H2 is reached. A significant advantage of this measurement for riveted multilayer joints is that incorrect or faulty components as well as critical tolerance combinations can be identified.


Alternatively, the riveting process can also be carried out with a delta measurement. In this process, a defined delta value from the initial length Z1/H1 is used for the rivet.Combining both measuring systems enables extended monitoring of riveting process parameters.

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