1948        Foundation of the Maschinen und Werkzeugbau GmbH

1965        Mechanical rotary indexing table TM 150

1966        Invention of Friedrich Radial Point Riveting Technology
               and issue of patent (Patent No. 1 552 838)

1970        Production of the first assembly machine

1971        Development of the hydraulically-operated
               rotary indexing table TH 560

1974        Production of the first coil winder
               for electric coils

1975        Development of the first electrically-operated press
               ETP 6 worldwide (Patent No. 27 37 231)

1978        Production of forced-air cooled hydraulic units

1980        Delivery of the 2,000th riveting machine

1983        Start of the roll-forming technology

1984        Presentation of the first CNC riveting machine worldwide

1986        Development of Friedrich's 'Nietcontrol' control unit

1987        Plant extension – Engineering and Commercial

1987        Development of the integrated measurement system
               (Patent No. 37 15 905)

1989        The second generation of D. Friedrich takes command

1991        Extension of the assembly shop

1995        Delivery of the 250th CNC riveting machine

2000        Introduction of the QM system to DIN ISO 9001

2001        Start of the bushing technology

2002        Development work in cooperation with
               Fraunhofer Institut the subject of rivet clinching

2005        Development of the first CNC power assisted
               bushing machine

2006        A new assembly shop is built

2007        The biggest CNC riveting machine with a 2000 mm
                rotary indexing table and a traversing range of
                500x1200mm is built

2008        Development of the first 5-axis CNC riveting machine

2009        Presentation of a hand-held riveting machine

2010        The 750th CNC riveting machine is delivered

2011        Introduction of the CNC riveting machine with
               handling robot as standard equipment

2014        Delivery of the first servo-roll-forming machine