Highest quality and safety is a given for us …

We only deliver the best quality thanks to the use of high-quality components and the high level of vertical integration in our versatile mechanical production processes. This is demonstrated by the exceptional durability of our products and our long-standing customer relationships.

Our production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. In-house component production and the latest testing systems enable us to carry out modifications and improvements.

A safety concept is developed for each system and realized with individually selected components. Each riveting machine undergoes an extensive endurance test run before it is delivered to the customer.

… this applies to our products as well as those of our customers.

Through process-oriented in-house developments, such as measuring systems, we ensure that you have complete control of the riveting process. Incorrect placement, components outside the tolerances and fluctuations in the strength of the riveting material are reliably detected.

The components of the FMW Nietcontrol, which are also developed and produced in-house, are each subjected to extensive testing. This allows us to guarantee the high product quality of our controller electronics.

Sensor and camera queries prevent assembly and placement errors for our customers’ valuable parts.

An integrated barcode scanner ensures a verifiable production process.