Roll-forming machines

Depending on the application, different roller head shapes with fixed or adjustable rollers are used. There are heads with one roller or several rollers. Mostly roller heads with 3 rollers are used. The pressure rollers can be arranged vertically and horizontally, as well as at a certain angle to the vertical axis.


  • Sturdy post and beam construction
  • Highest load capacity
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Low bounce
  • Quick change of roller head
  • Low power requirement
  • High roller burnishing performance
  • Easy handling
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Large clamping surface
  • Start of the machine by
    • Two-hand operation
    • Foot switch
    • Initiator
  • Various electrical controls available



Area of application:

Roll-forming diameter: ø7 to ø120 mm
Roll-forming materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, diecast (Al, Zn or Ms alloys)


Types and sizes of roller burnishing heads and roller burnishing units:

There are 2 standard sizes.

VR2xx with NE2xx (hydraulic feed up to 12 kN max. 80 mm stroke) Roller head with horizontally arranged rollers Application range Ø14-35 mm

VR5xx with NE5xx (hydraulic feed up to 40 kN max. 72 mm stroke) Roller head with vertically arranged rollers Application range Ø30-110 mm

Bushing machines

The bushing technique is used to insert plain bearing bushes into joints. The bushing is pressed in and pre-bushed by the device. In order to achieve a high quality and a uniform torque curve of the finished bearings, the bushing is calibrated after the final flanging.


Area of application:

Bush diameter: ø4 to ø30mm with walls from 0.3 to 1.0 mm

Bushing materials: Teflon-coated sheet metal or fabric back bushings with/without flanging, plug-in bushings with/without counter washer


Types and sizes of bushing units:

There are 4 preferred series.

Hydropneumatic feed unit up to 15 kN with 100/12 mm stroke

Hydropneumatic feed unit up to 30 kN at 100/30 mm stroke

Electro-servo feed unit up to 30 kN at max. 300 mm stroke

Electro-servo feed unit up to 60 kN at max. 250 mm stroke

Quality assurance:

Of course, the Friedrich bushing units can be combined with electronic quality assurance systems. For this purpose, various controls and programmes based on force-displacement measurement and adapted to the special conditions of bookmaking are available.