„Nietmax“, the portable riveting machine

for flexible use

• pneumatically-operated radial point riveting unit NE 200
• a number of different riveting heads and downholders can be used
• solid steel bow with workpiece holding fixture
• spring-mounted cable pull with balancer for easy handling
• cable carrier for longer distances to cover
• two-hand control ensures safe riveting operation
• optionally standard control or „Nietcontrol“ control unit

The machine is directed manually, quickly and with little effort to any desired riveting position, its weight being neutralised by a spring-mounted cable pull. After having been released the machine will remain balanced within its working range. What makes the “Nietmax“ NF 203 so unique is its integrated “Nietcontrol” control unit with patented measuring systems. On request the quality assurance programme QAPV can be networked via interface to external operating systems. The machine is directed manually to the place where a riveting operation is to be done. The rivet positions itself in a central position in an anvil of appropriate shape. At machine start via the two-hand control the spring-mounted downholder moves the riveting machine automatically to the correct riveting position. The parts to be riveted are pressed together. The projection of the rivet is measured in this position. The power flow is transmitted without any significant resilience via a solid C-shaped bow.

Technical Data

Technische Daten der Sicherheitsnietmaschine N100
Rivet diameter
(Rm=370 N/mm²)
1-10 mm
Riveting power at 6 bar pneum. 12 kN
Spindle stroke up to 30 mm
Operating pressure 1-6 bar
Motor 230/400 V 50 Hz 0,74 kW
Cylinder volume max. 0,7 l
Weight approx. 145 kg

Force vs. Pressure Curve