Safety Riveting Machines

In accordance with safety regulations the electrical control of the pneumatic
valves is of the two-channel type. Both valves must be actuated to allow for
a working cycle to be initiated. If a malfunction of a safety component occurs
no pressure will be built up after re-start. No dangerous movement will come about.

Protection device monitoring is cyclic.

The use of a riveting machine with safety riveting head is recommended if:
- the riveting machine is operated by means of a pedal switch and not by means of the safe
  two-hand control.
- the safety distance between the riveting die and the rivet holder is not observed.

That will be the case if workpieces have to be held with both hands during the riveting operation and the riveting spindle is started by the pedal switch. If during such an operation the safety distance between the riveting die and the rivet holder is more than 4 mm there is a very grave risk of accidents.

The design of the safety riveting head ensures that the dangerous movement of the riveting die is stopped the very moment the die touches the operator's hand. The riveting spindle immediately moves back to its home position.

The electrical control of the valves takes place via an approved safety PLC. A signal lamp flashing at
determined intervals indicates the respective working orders. If a failure of the protection device is identified during the working process a restart will not be allowed any more. In the event of malfunctions the downward movement of the riveting head is locked. Prior to starting any work the protection device must be triggered once on purpose in order to obtain release from the control.

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