Friedrich CNC Riveting Machine with Indexing Table

CNC riveting machines in modular design for universal use. The 3 standard design sizes with indexing table ø 650/900/1200 mm can be composed of different coordinate axes and riveting machines. Special versions for particular applications are configurable in various variants.

- steel welded frame
- available in 3 sizes, with adjustable foot rest
- Protective shell with frames from aluminium sections
- polycarbonate panes for good visibility
- coordinate system with linear units and
  recirculating ball screws
- riveting areas 280x180 mm to 500x350 mm
- electrically-operated rotary indexing table with
  brake motor
  2 or 4 fixed indexing stations
- NC flexible rotary indexing tables
- indexing table ø 650/900/1200 mm
- automatic tool changer
- grab containers
- C-shaped frames in different heights and projections
- pneumatically- or hydraulically-operated
   radial point riveting machines can be used
- digital high-speed servo drive with motion control
  and absolute value transducer
- Friedrich CNC control with riveting process monitoring,
   touchscreen panel with Windows CE4.2 user interface

Special features and advantages:

- minimum distances between rivets and different rivet heights can be achieved
- processing of several workpieces (several workpieces on workholding fixture) is possible
- different rivets can be processed in one operation
- high flexibility thanks to short changeover times and a large programme memory
- cost reduction due to picking and placing operation in parallel with the primary processing time
- short distances to cover for picking and placing and customised grab containers  make the workplace ergonomic
- menu navigation makes programming plain and simple
- high movement speed,  up to 400 mm/s
- high acceleration rate with high positioning accuracy

Special versions:

- indexing table up to 2000 mm and with 8 fixed indexing stations
- riveting area up to 500x1200 mm
- configuration with 2 riveting machines
- handling robot and feed stations

Further special versions on request