Friedrich CNC riveting machines with handling robot

The CNC riveting machine with handling robot is a further innovation from the house of Friedrich. Due to its enhanced degree of automation it represents a new dimension in riveting technology. Its construction and properties are based on the proven design of the CNC riveting machines with indexing table. It is equipped with a Friedrich CNC control with extended user interface and process visualisation.

• 3 sizes
• indexing table ø 650/900/1200mm
• riveting areas from 280x180mm to 500x350mm
• coordinate system with recirculating ball screws
• electrically-operated rotary indexing table
   with 2 or 4 fixed indexing stations and braking motor
• NC rotary table (optional)
• automatic tool changer
• C-shaped frames in different heights and projections
• freely programmable handling robot
• Friedrich CNC control with riveting process monitoring
• touchscreen panel 12” with Windows CE4.2 user interface
• adaptable sorting and feed stations

Special features and advantages:

• compact design, thus little space required
• enhanced degree of automation
• cost reduction due to picking and placing operation in parallel with the primary processing time
• cost reduction by cycle time reduction
• menu navigation makes programming plain and simple
• each riveting programme can be assigned its own robot handling sequence.
   Robots by Kuka, Adept, ABB, and Universal Robots can be used.