CNC riveting machines

Thanks to the modular structure of our CNC riveting machines, we offer effective production processes with a range of features in our standard program. These can be put together according to customers’ requests and individually expanded.

The basic construction consists of a stable welded steel frame and a protective enclosure made of aluminium profiles with polycarbonate glazing. The dynamic drive of the coordinate axes via recirculating ball screws with servo motors and motion control allows a high traversing speed. Stable C-frames are used for fastening the riveting units. Since 1984, the CNC riveting machine control has been characterised by freely parameterisable riveting programmes. The current CNC control with high-resolution multi-touch display, optional process data acquisition and various interfaces enables easy operation of the machine and thus continues this tradition. Coordinate axes with an X/Y riveting range from 280x180 mm to 350x500 mm are available as standard. All hydraulic and pneumatic FMW Friedrich riveting machines and units can be used for the riveting process.

Working concepts

  • Rotary table (450 - 1200 mm)
  • Conveyor transfer system
  • Lifter

Occupational safety

  • Safety enclosure
  • Safety door
  • Light curtain
  • Two-hand start

Riveting processes

  • Pneumatic riveting machine
  • Hydraulic riveting unit on C-shaped frame
  • Electrical riveting unit on C-shaped frame
  • Electrical joining unit on C-shaped frame

Workstation structure

  • Grab containers
  • Material provision
  • Lighting

Riveting control

  • Control cabinet
  • Operating display

CNC axes

X-axis: 100 - 1000 mm
Y-axis: 100 - 500 mm

Holding device

  • Workpiece carrier



Welded steel tube frame

Our CNC riveting machine modular system covers a wide range of automation needs. The FMW Friedrich CNC riveting machines are usually configured as a index table machine, band cell with transfer system, integrable module or with a fixed machine table.

CNC indexing table machine

Modular CNC riveting machines for universal use. The 3 standard sizes with indexing table diameter 650/900/1200 mm can be equipped with different coordinate axes and riveting machines. Special versions for special applications can be configured in different variants.


  • Effective production process due to simultaneous loading and riveting
  • Welded steel frame
  • Protective cladding from aluminium profile
  • Polycarbonate glazing for good visibility
  • This feature is available with every FMW riveting unit
  • The movement range can be enlarged with wide-range axes
  • Coordinate system with linear units and ball screws
  • Riveting range from 280x180 mm to 500x350 mm
  • Electric rotary indexing table with brake motor 2-piece or 4-piece pitch
  • Workplace design with gripper containers for parts supply
  • C-frames in various heights and projections
  • Digital high-speed servo drive with motion control and absolute encoder
  • FMW Friedrich CNC machine control with riveting process monitoring
  • Expandable, for example with thread forming, joining, ejection or control station

Technical specifications

Rotary/indexing table diameter Ø (mm) 650 900 1200
X-axis travel distance (mm) 280 400 500
Y-axis travel distance (mm) 180 300 350
Division 2 or 4 2 or 4 2 or 4
Riveting area (mm) 280 x 160 400 x 280 500 x 350
Travel speed (mm/s) up to 500 up to 350 up to 200
Depth (mm) 1640 2000 2320
Width (mm) 1070 1200 1500
Height (mm) 2200 2200 2200

Special features and advantages:

  • Smallest rivet spacing and different rivet heights can be realised
  • Machining of several workpieces (multiple assembly) possible
  • Processing of different rivets possible in one operation
  • High flexibility due to short changeover times and large programme memory
  • Cost reduction due to assembly in parallel with production time
  • Short loading paths and adapted gripping containers for ergonomics at the workplace
  • Simplest programming through menu navigation
  • High travel speed up to 400 mm/s
  • High acceleration rate with high positioning accuracy

Special designs and accessories

  • Indexing table up to 2000 mm
  • Wide-range axes up to 500x1200 mm
  • Equipped with 2 riveting machines
  • Handling and feeding stations
  • Eject function
  • Rivet-head lubrication
  • Workplace design
  • Automatic riveting die change

Other special designs on request

Project examples

Coordinate riveting system with two hydraulic riveting units

  • Two measuring systems each
      NE510 40 kN max. force
      NE210 12 kN max. force

  • Rotary table dia. 1,2 m, 2 stations

  • Wide-range axis

  • Movement range 800 x 350 mm

  • Light curtain for operator area

  • Workpiece carrier coding

  • Measurement sensors

  • Assembly administration

  • Wireless coupler for sensors at workpiece carrier (iO-link)

  • Integration of label printer

CNC riveting module with pneumatic riveting machine



  • With projection measuring system in ESD design

  • N000 1.8 kN max. force

  • Integrated belt conveyor with lifting and positioning unit

  • Setup mode while safety door is open with reduced travel speed of axes

  • Tool coding