Assembly systems

Tailored solutions through consultation

Each FMW assembly system is designed and produced in close collaboration with the customer for their respective operating conditions. Customers benefit from our full-service principle, starting with consultation through design and production to commissioning.

Working in partnership simplifies the entire project process and results in efficient operations with the best possible outcome: Customers receive a turnkey system with high-quality components, flexible and revisable with a long service life.

FMW’s full-service principle

We support our customers well before
the realization of a solution by providing
comprehensive specific expertise
on the riveting and assembly process. We develop production concepts for customers, taking into account all the relevant parameters and linking the riveting process with other production processes. The consistent digitization of FMW riveting machines allows for the integration of processes and production across technologies in an “intelligent factory”. Clearly defined interfaces to customer-specific systems enable efficient personnel and resource planning.

Based on our specific experience, we try to clarify all relevant facts already in the consultation and offer phase - this is how a customised offer becomes a customised solution:

  • Number of pieces
  • Personnel input
  • Amortisation
  • Degree of automation

Project examples:

Assembly system with 2 horizontally working riveting units with measuring system, manual transfer system and testing station

  • 2 x NE513 40kN max. force

  • Riveting and test station, each with safety guard and 1-hand start

  • Checking of all components for presence and correct position

  • Manual cross transport section between test and riveting station

  • Testing and joining station with force measuring device

  • Alternating horizontal riveting of 2 riveting points. With tolerance class categorization

Portal riveting machine with pneumatic riveting unit and measuring system

  • NE400 25 kN max. force

  • Riveting area 800 x 500 mm

  • W-axis for overall lift of riveting unit of 270 mm

  • Servo conveyor belt section with indexation and locking of workpiece carrier in position

  • Workpiece carrier coding

  • Belt drive with protective function

  • Riveting volume area > 1 m3

  • Active workpiece acceptance system

  • Pick-by-Light and Place-to-Light via Bluetooth data transfer