Friedrich Radial Point Riveting Systems
with Integrated Measuring System

Length measurement and/or rivet projection measurement

Control functions:
- 8-key operator panel allows for easy operation
- menu control
- error evaluation with optical display
- teach-in function or fixed-value entry
- copying function for riveting parameters
- up to 30 different riveting points, optionally
   binary coded addressability
- diagnosis of inputs and outputs
- riveting pressure freely adjustable for each riveting point
   ·Pneumatic systems 1 – 6 bar
   ·Hydraulic systems 10 – 70 bar
- riveting time slot for rivet material monitoring
- display of current measuring values
- positioning of the riveting die to improve the measuring accuracy
- variable speed of riveting motor
- multifunction counter with integrated preselection counter
- serial output of specified and actual values
- measuring function
- pressing-in function with riveting die aligned

Variable starting functions
- two-hand control
- pedal switch
- proximity switch, e.g. when slides are used
- primary control, e.g. PLC with binary coded selection of the riveting points

Other functions
- manual or automatic slide with riveting point selection, e.g. 2 successive  riveting operations
- control of index cylinders and/or lifting stations
- a faulty rivet can be retained (pinched); rejected parts  can only be removed if separately
  acknowledged as such
- can be integrated into manufacturing lines as an independent line module or into special-purpose
  machines (e.g. rotary indexing tables) as a single station
- length measuring system for rolling operations (rolling head)
- special solutions for your particular application

Displays of differently equipped riveting systems