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Automotiv industry

Hood/door hinges

Articulated joints for hood or door hinges are made using plain bearing bushes and step rivets.

Seat bases

To maintain the required stability, the side parts are connected by large-diameter tubes and reliably flared with GBA technology.

Door locks

A car door lock involves many different riveting tasks, which are perfectly solved with FMW’s radial point riveting technology.

Seat belt tensioners

Safety-related components such as belt tensioner systems are reliably joined with customized roll-forming heads.

Other applications:  Brake pad retaining clips • Drive kinematics for throttle valve • Seat belt buckles • Windscreen wipers • Cluches • Ball bearings • Steering column • Handbrake • Spoiler kinematics • Gearbox components • Sunroof guidance • Joints for folding tops of convertibles • Battery housing


Mechanical engineering

Number punches

With FMW’s radial riveting point technology, specialized riveting dies make it possible to emboss letters, numbers and logos.

Toggle clamps

In a multi-articulated joint, the precision of the riveted joint is extremely important to achieve a firm yet flexible result.

Other applications: Tongs • Chainsaw chains • Heavy duty castors • Ball bearings Pump flanges • Valves • Piston


Electrica engineering

Roof antenna

FMW machines combine a variety of materials, e.g. circuit boards and cast housings, without damaging sensitive printed circuit boards.

Automatic switches

With our individually developed multispindle rivet heads, multiple rivet points can be riveted at the same time.

Other applications: Threaded nuts for circuit board screw joints • Sockets • Plugs Coils • Radar sensors • Circuit breakers



Medical technology

Surgical instruments

With FMW riveting machines, rivets in the micrometer range for medical applications are a cinch.

Fittings industry

Guide carriages

Despite heavy-duty joints, FMW’s radial point riveting technology ensures smooth movement for opening, closing, tilting or sliding.

Other applications: Sterile storage containers • rods Endoscopes • Biopsy forceps • Door locks • Door and window fittings • Hinges • Locking systems